Luke 19:1-27

by Andrew Hillard

Zacchaeus may have inspired the catchier song, but Jesus’ parable of the ten minas holds a powerful reminder for us. He told the parable because people “supposed that the kingdom of God was to appear immediately.” Can I be completely honest with you? I want everything done yesterday. I like action and measurable results. I’m not a big fan of waiting. And in a world where almost everything is available on-demand, the truth is we’re all conditioned to expect immediate results.

But now, in the midst of a pandemic, where it feels as if the whole world is holding its collective breath, we’re reminded that, even when we haven’t felt it, we’ve always been a people who are waiting. As Christians, we’re a people who know the King but still wait for the day when the kingdom will appear in its glorious fullness, a day when disease and death will be no more. And as people who aren’t the best at waiting, Jesus’ parable asks a timely question—how will we wait? Will we wait like the servant who hid the master’s money away in fear, just trying to get to the other side of all this with as little disruption as possible? Or will we wait like the servants who invested the master’s money wisely, looking for every opportunity to grow what our King has entrusted to us? A lot of things may be on hold right now, but until our King returns, let’s be servants who do what we can with what we have, wherever we are, to advance the good news of Jesus.

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