Luke 21:1-38

by Andrew Hillard

I love summer. It’s probably my favorite season. What I’m not always crazy about is what it takes to get there. Don’t get me wrong. Spring is beautiful, as long as I’m looking at it from inside my house, protected from the tidal wave of pollen waiting outside to wreak havoc on my body. In my mind, the best thing about spring is that today’s allergy season means summer is right around the corner with all of its warmth and cookouts and sun. 

Now, I realize that you aren’t here for my opinions on the relative strengths and weaknesses of the seasons, so here’s the point…some things in life naturally point us to what is coming next, just as spring always gives way to summer. After a chapter filled with a long list of calamities that will precede His return, Jesus tells us here in Luke 21, “So also, when you see these things taking place, you know that the kingdom of God is near.” Once again, as before, Jesus isn’t telling us to become preoccupied with trying to figure out exactly when He will return. He warns us against letting our hearts be weighed down by all the troubles of this world. Instead, he urges us to stay awake and pray for the strength we need to be faithful until He comes again. Because just as surely as allergy season—I mean spring—leads to summer, Jesus is coming again. He said it, and His words never pass away.

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