Luke 23:44-56

by Andrew Hillard

The sky went dark in the middle of the day, the curtain of the temple was supernaturally torn in two, and Jesus breathed His last breath. This wasn’t something that you witnessed and then just went on with life as usual. Some events demand a response. In the moments following Jesus’ death, the centurion cried out in praise, “Certainly this man was innocent!” The crowds that had gathered for the “spectacle” went away beating their breasts, broken by what they had seen. Those who knew Jesus kept their distance at first, but a man named Joseph took action. We don’t know a lot about Joseph. We know he was from the town of Arimathea and that he was a member of the council, although he had not consented to the decision and action that led to Jesus’ death. We know that Joseph was a good and righteous man, who was looking for the kingdom of God. And we know what Joseph did. While other members of the council rejected Jesus, Joseph asked for the body of Jesus, wrapped it, and laid him in a tomb.

The death of Jesus is one of those events that demands a response. The centurion responded with praise. The crowds responded with repentance. Joseph, believing Jesus when others didn’t, responded with action that expressed his devotion. How will we respond?

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