Luke 24:36-53

by Andrew Hillard

Reading through the Gospel of Luke, it’s been our goal to get a clearer vision of who Jesus is. We’ve seen Him teach as one with ultimate authority and serve as one with matchless love. We’ve seen Jesus lay down His life for our sins and then rise from the grave in victory. As Luke’s Gospel comes to an end, what we’ve seen of Jesus may even seem like it’s too good to be true. As Jesus’ disciples were talking about how He had appeared to Simon and then on the road to Emmaus, Jesus Himself suddenly stood among them. They were at first startled and frightened by His appearance, but as He showed them His hands and His feet, their reaction shifted from fear to joy. When they truly saw Jesus, we read in Luke 24:41 that “they still disbelieved for joy.” Looking at Jesus, seeing His hands and His feet, it seemed too good to be true. At first, they disbelieved for joy (v. 41), but soon they worshipped with great joy (v. 52).

There are still those who would say that the good news of Jesus Christ dying and rising to save sinners is too good to be true. The idea that in Christ God calls you His child may even seem too good to be true. Without a doubt, it is far more than we can ask or imagine, but that is the Jesus we see. That is the Jesus worship we worship with great joy! That is the Jesus we proclaim to all nations! This weekend, let’s pray that the joy of seeing Jesus will move hearts from disbelief to worship!

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