Acts 11:1-30

by Andrew Hillard

We’ve started to learn a little bit more in recent days about our “new normal” and how our lives might be changing (yet again) for the months ahead. Every business that has your email address needs you to know about their “new normal,” even as each of us struggles to grasp what the “new normal” of our daily lives will look like. For all the questions about the future, it seems one certainty of our “new normal” will be the incessant use of the phrase “new normal.”

Today, as we think about our “new normal” (last time I promise), we read in Acts 11 about another generation who had their assumptions challenged and their plans changed. They initially respond as many of us are responding right now—with criticism and finger-pointing. However, hearing the testimony of what God had done, it isn’t long before they fell silent, except for their worship and praise of God. 

Over the coming months, things are going to be different for us. I’m not saying that our changes will prove as historically significant as the revelation that the saving work of Jesus knows no national or ethnic bounds. What I am saying is that the same Spirit at work in Acts 11 is at work in each of us who believe in Jesus, calling us away from criticism and away from the blame game, calling us to sit silently with His word until we are ready to glorify God.

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