Psalm 2

At my house, we eat ice cream out of coffee mugs.  I don’t know where that tradition started, but I’m sure it was from my wife because I don’t remember ever doing it until recently.  There are benefits from this practice! You eat less ice cream, and a coffee mug takes up less space in the dishwasher than a whole bowl.  Look for the silver linings, right?

The other day I went to get some ice cream out for the kids and realized we were out.  By my calculations, we should have had enough for at least two more servings, maybe more.  I couldn’t quite put my finger on where it had all gone, but then it hit me…Kasey and I had left the kids home alone one afternoon for a date and they asked if they could have ice cream!  Now, having an almost 16 year old in the house has one major benefit, FREE BABYSITTING!  The downside to having one of your offspring watch the others is that there is not as much oversight as when you have an outside presence.  There becomes a grab for power and kids push the limits to see what they can get and what they can get away with.  

In this case, the power grab was a FULL BOWL of ice cream over a coffee mug for both of the boys.  I’m sure Link didn’t complain as scoop upon scoop was dropped into his bowl by his older brother.  Whenever there is a perceived vacuum of power, there will naturally be those who try to swoop in a take it.

In Psalm 2, we have a royal psalm composed for the coronation of Davidic kings.  In verses 1-3, we see that there are those angling and plotting for power.  At this time, and throughout history, when there was a transition of leadership of a nation there are those that will seek to grab as much power as they can…like a delicious, full bowl of ice cream.  I wish I could say that this does not happen in this day and age, but greed and lust for power are part of the sin nature of man that will not be relinquished until the Lord comes again.  

My absolute favorite part of this Psalm are verses 4-6.  While there are those that plot and scheme, we have the Lord on his throne “scoffing” at those struggling for power that is not eternal and trinkets that will not last.  I often need to be reminded of the fact that the Mighty God is not impressed by any title or power that man might gain on Earth.  I need to be reminded because my selfish desire is to gain that fame, power, or notoriety.  I need to be reminded because in my grab for power I try to push the King off His rightful throne. I need to be reminded because the evil one will tell me, “you will never be good enough” or “you mean nothing”.  I need to be reminded that no title or amount of power makes me any more or less created in the image of God.

The last part of the last verse says “blessed are all who take refuge in him.”  Some days this is all I can cling to in this lost and dying world.  There is comfort in being able to find refuge at the throne of the Most High.  There is peace that passes all understanding being seated with the Great Healer.  There is excitement being in the presence of the artist that created all we know. 

No matter what is happening, it is good to know that God is on His throne and I can find peace there. 

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