Psalm 31

I had to unplug the last couple of weeks.  I didn’t move out into the woods with no cell signal or take one of those trips celebrities and CEOs do to the desert where they don’t even speak for multiple days.  I just tried really hard to stay off social media and read only the vital news that was curated and not “breaking” or “this just in” type of reporting that throws information around before it is fully formed.  Why would I do this?  I did it because it felt like the walls were slowly moving in on me.  It felt like there were fires all around me and I didn’t even have one bucket of water.

When I read Psalm 31 I feel a kindred spirit with David.  I don’t doubt that his personal situation (his enemies were always coming for him and his life was literally in mortal peril) was far more serious than my own, but his feelings resonated with me.  David has feelings of distress, anguish, grief, and sorrow.  He relates himself to “broken pottery” while dealing with all this affliction.  He even feels like a burden to those around him.  What is a person to do in moments like these?

It is impossible to read this Psalm and not have verse 5 jump off of the page.  David in this time of despair goes to the only place he can find comfort, his God.  His cry is that he will place everything into the hands of the Lord.  Of course we will see this echoed in the words of Jesus as his last words upon the cross.  As a sinless Savior was crucified without cause the words he spoke were the same as David penned as he felt helpless.  We can, in the same way, cry out when it feels like the walls are closing in on us.  

One of the best benefits of unplugging was a re-shifting of my eyes towards the God who loves me.  He is faithful and trustworthy.  He is our rock and our salvation.  This Psalm is a reminder that we all go through the ringer from time to time, but our God is always there.

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