Psalm 61

I remember it well. It was our first camping trip as a family. We set up camp near Cumberland Falls for the hottest week of the year. I’m not usually one to complain about heat. I love summer, but I also appreciate air conditioning. Despite all the fun adventures we had that week and the great memories we made, I don’t think any of us ended the week wanting to dwell in that tent forever. Clearly, our tent was much different from the one David cries out to God for in Psalm 61:4, “Let me dwell in your tent forever!

We live in a world where the heat seems to come from every direction. You’re either too conservative or too liberal. You’re either too serious or too carefree. You either agree with me or you’re the worst person ever. It isn’t just a pressure we feel but a pressure we too often exert. And it isn’t new in 2020, even if it seems it’s getting worse. For a while now, we’ve found ourselves living in a culture of perpetual outrage, one that can leave us with a heart that is faint.

Psalm 61 gives us a path to walk when our hearts are faint. Cry out to the God who hears you. He is a rock and a refuge in a world that is shifting. He is home when it feels like you’re at the end of the earth, unable to get your bearings. The reality is there are much greater challenges than a week without air conditioning in the summer heat, but no matter what you face today, taking refuge in the presence of God never gets old.

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