Psalm 67

Lately I’ve been revisiting the missionary journey of Jim Elliot, his family, and friends as they used everything they had to reach the Auca people and others for Christ. His widow, Elisabeth Elliot, shares of their journey of faith in her book Through the Gates of Splendor, giving us a glimpse into the struggles and joys they shared on the mission field. Jim and his friends had such a conviction to spread the Gospel that they gave up a comfortable life in America, moved to the rainforest, and poured their lives into the people around them. They had little use for worldly distractions and comforts to misguide their focus.

Not everyone is called to the foreign mission field, just as not everyone is called into vocational ministry. However, as followers of Christ, we are all called to make disciples and spread the Gospel. My own heart has been convicted as I’ve been pondering the Elliots’ sacrifice. Too often I allow myself to get caught up worrying about other people’s choices and seeking my own comfort. These things point to self, but I desire my life and focus to point to Christ. I want to be focused in my prayer for our missionaries, our community, and the unreached people groups. 

This Psalm is a powerful reminder of God’s saving power among all the nations. It’s a call to praise Him for his grace and mercy. God is our sovereign ruler, whom we can trust and should exalt. So today, as you get tangled up in worldly comforts and arguments, re-read this Psalm. Praise God and be glad; our God is good! Seek to share His glory with those around you, be focused on your call as a Christ follower, and lift others up in prayer. Let’s refocus together! 

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