Psalm 96

A follower of God cannot remain silent about their faith. In Psalm 96, the author tells everyone to sing, declare, and proclaim God’s magnificence all over the world. When we are silent about our faith, we are being silent about the most important relationship in our life. If you have a healthy marriage, you would not hide the fact that you are married. It raises red flags when someone is hiding the fact that they are married. If you have children that you are proud of, would you fail to talk about them when others bring up their children in conversation? Can a proud grandparent remain silent about their grandkids? When we have healthy relationships, we cannot help but bring up those people in our lives and talk about them with others. When we have a healthy relationship with God, this is the same exact thing. We cannot do anything but share with others just how amazing God is. If we are not sharing, why is that? I believe it is because we have forgotten just how amazing God is and how much He has really done for us. In a way, we have an unhealthy relationship with God when we have gone silent about Him when others are around and we do not share. So what do we need to remember about God that makes Him so worthy that we should share Him? Psalm 96 gives us some insight.

First, we are told to “tell of His salvation” to others. What is His salvation? God chooses to approach us while we were His enemies and restore our relationship to Him to that of becoming His children. I do not know of any other religion that has a god that is this loving and personal towards those who intially hated Him. In every other religion, a person must work or perform in order to be accepted by the deity, let alone loved. This, however, is not the God of the Bible. The God of the Bible chooses to rescue people while they stand against Him and change their hearts by His love. When we see how miserably we fail in our sinfulness against God and yet see how greatly He loves us, we should be overwhelmed by that love and want to proclaim it everywhere just how amazing His love is for me and for people everywhere.

Second, we need to stop and look at the world around us and acknowledge God and His magnificient works. Have you stopped to take in a sunset lately? Have you taken a moment when you come home at night and just taken a few minutes to observe the stars? Have you picked a flower and just stopped to study it in all its beauty and intricacies? Most of us are too busy and just keep staring straight ahead in order to check off the next thing in our long list of busyness that we need to accomplish. However, when we stop and just start to observe and ponder the world around us, we become overwhelmed in just how amazing the world is. How did any of this come into being? Why does the beauty of this world sometimes cause me to catch my breath when I actually stop and take the time to look? It causes me to think and ultimately realize that this all didn’t just happen. God created all of this and created it out of nothing! How awesome!

Third, this Psalm points to God’s salvation and love but also to His judgment. In verse 10, it tells us that we should “Say among the nations…God will judge the world with equity.” This means that God will not play favorites, but will judge everyone according to the same standard. The standard of God is perfection. I am created by God to be perfect and to have a relationship with Him in that perfection, and yet I know that I do not. I have attitudes, actions, and words that I have used to hurt and harm others and ultimately blaspheme against God Himself. We do not like to talk about God’s judgment in modern society, but God will judge people according to His standard…and His punishment is eternal torment for those who are found guilty.

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