Psalm 113

“Who is like the Lord our God”? Verse 5 of this Psalm asks this question so that people will not only ponder just how great and amazing God is, but will also joyfully and unabashedly sing and proclaim His greatness. So this begs the question, what makes our God so great? Let’s look at just some of His characteristics: God is holy and perfect in all His ways. God is just and impartial and will judge every person for their motives, deeds, and actions. God is all-knowing and can proclaim what the end of time will be from the very beginning. God is all-powerful to create and destroy all things with a word. God is merciful and is slow to bring wrath towards mankind’s sins. God desires that we respond to Him by faith in love and not by actions alone, trying to earn His love. A person comparing the God of the Bible to other gods might find some similarities, but there is no god like the God of the Bible.

And of all the things that makes God so unique is how He loves people. Verses 7-9 state that a main reason why we should praise Him is for this very fact: He loves those who the rest of the world thinks are less than. Many times our human nature is to discount people that society considers “beneath us.” But Jesus tells us in Matthew 25 that when we choose to love and care for those that society looks down on that we are ultimately serving Jesus Himself. If we truly think about it, all of us are “beneath” God, and He should discount us for our sheer pride and sinfulness. Yet God shows us an amazing love by ultimately dying to pay for our sins when we were still in complete rebellion towards Him. Instead, He looked upon on us and chose to pour out His amazing grace and love towards us. That is the reason why we as Christians can love- because He first loved us (1 John 4). When you truly think about just how amazing and awesome God is we should do nothing but praise His name and tell others of how amazing He truly is- all because He loves a sinner such as me!

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