Psalm 127

Everyday we have some type of plan or goal that we would like to accomplish. It might be work related, home related or even just personal goals, but we all have things that we want to get accomplished. The question is how do you go about getting that thing accomplished? Sometimes we believe that in order to get our task list finished we have to keep our nose to the grindstone and not quit. I am not saying that hard work should not be involved because it is biblical and absolutely should. However, hard work alone will never accomplish everything you are trying to accomplish. In Psalm 127:1 the Bible gives us insight in stating, “unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.” Did you catch that? If God doesn’t do it, it doesn’t matter how much hard work and toil I give, it will be in vain. Psalm 127 gives us wisdom that I am not God. I cannot do everything that I want. No matter how hard I try or have the best laid plans, if I have not dedicated what I do to the Lord, it will never get accomplished in the way it needs to be. In the meantime I am tired, exhausted, frustrated and strive to “work harder” only to be disappointed later. Even worse, if God is not behind what I am doing than it is truly pointless! Even if I accomplish my goals, the Bible states that it will be in vain and worthless.

A couple of things to think about: Is what I am trying to accomplish glorifying to God? Instead of justifying why God should bless my work I need to ask is it something I need to be doing in the first place. Another thing is how much glory will God receive out of what I am doing? Many time Christians do things and ultimately the only glory to be received is for themselves. I know people don’t start out with that mindset to only glorify themselves, but ultimately that is what happens. I remember talking with an individual that was worn out and frustrated with a task they were trying to accomplish. In the midst of the conversation I casually asked where God fit into the equation. They started out by telling me theological truths, but as they kept talking they realized that everything they were trying to accomplish was under their own strength and if it happened to get finished that all glory would be pointed to them. We prayed and they left. A few weeks later when we talked they related something interesting. They had decided to give it to God and let Him handle it. When they had prayed and given it to God, the project had started to go much smoother, they were less tired and frustrated and as the task was accomplished other people began to ask what happened changed to make the task go smoother. That opened up the doors for this person to tell of how God had been at work and an opportunity to share Jesus. Are you wearing yourself out by your constant toil? Do you think hard work alone is going to accomplish your goals? If God is not in it, then it will all be in vain. Why don’t you bring your plans to God right now and let Him lead you with what you need to do with them. Let the Lord build your house, so you won’t labor in vain!

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