Psalm 138

“On the day I called, you answered me;

my strength of soul you increased.”

Psalm 138:3

A couple of times lately, I’ve found myself waiting on hold to talk to someone in customer support. According to the recording, they were experiencing longer than normal wait times due to a higher than normal volume of calls. It was a couple of times because I ran out of time to wait the first time (and the second time). And I’m not saying this to complain about the wait. I get it. Just like I had to choose between waiting on hold or moving on to another task, those answering calls like mine also have limited time. They’re also trying to make the most of their time. We just don’t have time to answer all the calls people make for our time. Thankfully, God isn’t bound by the same limitations.

David expresses his wholehearted thanks to the Lord whose love is steadfast and whose faithfulness is unfailing. I don’t always answer the call, but the Lord does! When God’s people call on Him, He hears and answers, giving us the strength we need. David points to a day when all the rulers of this world will sing of the glory of the Lord, who “regards the lowly.” When God’s people call on Him, He hears and answers. David points to the way the Lord preserves his life in the midst of trouble, the way God holds back those who would do him harm, the way the Lord always accomplishes his purpose in his life.

With the Lord, there are no long wait times due to high call volumes. He will increase the strength of your soul. He will preserve you in the midst of trouble. He will fulfill His purpose for you. When you call on Him, He will answer you. Give thanks to the Lord with your whole heart!

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