Psalm 145

I am unaware of anyone that does not like being told they did a good job.  If you want to make someone smile immediately just tell them they are doing a great job.  You don’t even have to say what they are doing a great job at!  Half the time they won’t even ask why you said it or what it is reference to, they will just be thrilled to know someone is acknowledging them!  Heaping praise on someone goes a long way in building a relationship with someone.  When someone praises us on a regular basis, we tend to want to be around them more and usually the bond between us will grow stronger and stronger.

Who deserves more praise than God?  The quick answer is no one.  David writes Psalm 145 as a song of praise to God the King.  Why does David praise God?

  • His everlasting kingdom (v 13)
  • He is faithful to his promises (v 13)
  • He is loving (v 14)
  • He satisfies (v 16)
  • He watches over those he loves (v 19)

These are just SOME of the reasons David has to praise the Lord.  

But God is NOT a human like me or you, so why does He require praise?  God knows everything, so he knows how we feel, right?  Imagine you are in love with someone and they were just as in love with you.  Would you still feel compelled to tell them you love them regularly?  How would you feel if they didn’t let you know their feelings on a consistent basis?  Even worse, what if you started to notice they were telling others how great of a job they were doing and not telling you anymore?  You would feel jealous no doubt.  God is jealous for our love, praise and worship (Exodus 20:5).  When we are not praising Him, we ultimately are directing that praise somewhere else!  We can not let that happen.

A Psalm like 145 is an excellent reminder of some of the amazing things God has done for us and provides ample reason to praise Him!  This is an excellent Psalm to bookmark for a day when you might not be up to praising for whatever reason.  There are so many things present in this song that I know I take for granted every day. 

Praise Him because He is always worthy!

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