Psalm 149

Let them praise His name with dancing
and make music to Him with the timbrel and harp.
For the Lord takes delight in His people;
He crowns the humble with victory.
Let His faithful people rejoice in this honor
and sing for joy on their beds.

Psalm 149:3-5

The call for God’s people to praise Him is a theme throughout Psalms. He is worthy of all praise, glory, and honor. I especially enjoy the first stanza of this Psalm wherein the Psalmist describes the ways God’s people can praise Him. It presents a clear and beautiful picture of what praising God can look like. Verse 5 even calls for the people to sing His praises while on their beds. This seems odd at first, however, it’s a great reminder of the importance of not only praising God with others, but also alone.

When we are alone, there is the temptation to get lost in our heads and become self-focused. These are the times when we must make a choice about how we spend our time. Will we use all of our time to indulge in our favorite shows or books? Will we choose to mindlessly scroll through Facebook or Instagram? Will we enjoy a good cup of coffee and play with our dog (my favorite past-time)? Whatever we choose to do, we must be intentional about the state of our heart. We should not only be praising God in public but also when we are alone. Praising God in private will aid in our spiritual growth, our relationship with the Lord, and our overall attitude regarding the world in which we are living. Not to mention that God is worthy of both public and private praise. The Lord delights in His people’s faithfulness and praise.

As we move closer to the weekend and many opportunities pull for our time and energy, let’s remember to spend some time praising God both alone and with others. Let’s remember that He is our Creator King, He is the Ruler over all, and He is worthy of our praise. Let’s check our hearts and choose to live in a posture of praise because He is worthy. Let’s bring glory to His name!

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