Psalm 119:161-176

As a child, no one had to teach me to lie.  It just came natural, especially if I had done something wrong and knew I was going to get into trouble for it. People can influence us to sin in different ways, but ultimately no one has to be taught to sin because it is part of our fallen nature.  We do, however, have to be taught how to live a life pleasing to God and how to live for Him. This might seem like an overwhelming task for a person to accomplish, but the Bible gives us great insight and hope that we are not alone in figuring this out.  

Towards the end of Psalm 119 the author states, “My lips will pour forth praise, for you teach me your statutes.”  Throughout the Bible, we consistently see God’s desire and willingness to teach His children what His word means and even promises His presence to help them live it out. What’s the catch?  We must be in His word and whole-heartedly seek His face.  The author continually proclaims at the end of Psalm 119 how much he loves God’s word and how precious it is to Him.  The author could only proclaim that if he was actually spending time with God in His word.  Are you struggling with a personal dilemma in your life and don’t know how to respond in a godly way? Are there difficult people that you don’t know how to deal with in your life?  Are you struggling to figure out how to be pleasing to God? The good news is that you are not alone! “We can trust that those who have a relationship with Christ that God will teach us what the Bible means and even how to apply it in our lives. Have you opened your Bible today and truly taken time to seek the Lord? 

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