Job 38-40:2

Have you ever walked into a room or building that you frequent and notice something that seems new or that you have failed to observe in your previous visits? Or been asked about a physical characteristic of someone that you know and just can’t remember whether they have blue eyes or green, brown hair or black, etc.? I have been in this situation more than you can imagine and I admit that my observation skills are not great. So often I see things, but I don’t observe them. As frustrating as this can be, I think the positive side is that I often marvel at things I’ve yet to notice that are in front of me every day. It provides opportunities to rethink what I thought I knew about that particular place or person. As I read this passage where God is challenging Job and asking if he truly understands the establishment of creation and the Creator’s purposes, I’m once again struck with that sense of awe at things that I have seen but not observed, looked at and not understood. The details that God included in the vast variety of creation are simply amazing. Then to think that there is no one other than God who possesses the power to create in this magnificent way, who has the wisdom and knowledge to govern creation the way He does. Then to think that He has a purpose for His creation, even the things that we don’t take the time to observe.

The visual created with the Lord’s words to Job brings a sense of responsibility. This clear picture of God’s power, creativity, purpose, wisdom, and knowledge drive me to acknowledge His greatness. I want to not only see His creation, I want to observe it! I want to spend time with my almighty Creator and grow in understanding of His purposes in the creation of the heavens and earth. I challenge you to go back and slowly read through this powerful passage of God’s words to Job and take the time to observe the details of creation that we daily take for granted. Take time to meditate on God’s words and power. Take time in prayer seeking a deeper understanding of His purpose. Then strive to live for His glory and His alone. When you see His creation in your daily life, take time to observe His handiwork and praise Him for it. Let us not walk through life only seeing and not observing the greatness of God, for He is worthy of all our attention and praise.

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