Genesis 16:1-15

When we look back on our spiritual journeys, we often point to the big mountaintop moments as the greatest spiritual victories in our lives. In those moments, we can see how the Lord worked everything together for our good, but what about the more difficult days? What about the times that feel more like desperation than a celebration? That’s where we find Hagar by the end of Genesis 16, having fled from Sarai to the wilderness. Hagar seems to be all alone in that moment. She seems to be completely forgotten. She seems to be hopeless. But she is none of those things.

The angel of the Lord finds Hagar in her darkest moment, listens to her affliction, and delivers a message of hope–that Hagar would have a son named Ishmael, which means “God hears.” God heard Hagar’s struggle, and then we hear these words from Hagar in verse 13, “So she called the name of the Lord who spoke to her, “You are a God of seeing,” for she said, “Truly here I have seen him who looks after me.””

Hagar seemed to be all alone, completely forgotten, and without hope, but that was not the case. The Lord was looking after her. The Lord heard her. The Lord spoke to her. And in response, Hagar declares the name of the Lord who saw her through her darkest days. Today, you may feel more like desperation than celebration, but be reminded that you have a God who sees you and hears you and is able to help, no matter how hopeless it seems. Like Hagar, you can take your troubles to the One who speaks hope in the darkest days of our lives because just like Hagar, we have a God who looks after us.

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