Genesis 27

One thing that is true for us all is that there are things that we want. Sometimes our wants are material things and sometimes they are things like recognition, promotions or other kind of personal gain. Wants are not necessarily a bad thing, however, we have to be careful. At times the pursuit of our wants can cause wrong actions or unintended consequences. In Genesis 27, we see a case where getting a want led to negative consequences. We actually see Rebekah wanting her favorite son, Jacob,to get Isaac’s blessing. What this led to was Rebekah encouraging Jacob to be deceptive, then Jacob following through with the deception, and eventually Jacob being on the run in fear of his brother Esau. What everyone had forgotten was that God had a plan. God had told Rebekah that the younger sone would serve the older, so there was no need for her to fight for Jacob to have this blessing. Isaac knew the promise as well, so he should not have been seeking to bless Esau. So, the real issue was that everyone was fighting for what they wanted and forgot about what God wanted and having faith in his plan. The outcome was a family in turmoil. Things surely could have been different for all of them if God had been their focus because God’s plans will be fulfilled. Instead of pursuing what you want, pursue God. What you will discover if you pursue God is that you will not have to get involved in deception, you will not have to suffer the consequences of wrong pursuits, and instead you will experience God’s blessings… His way. God’s blessing will be better than anything you want.

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