Genesis 37

Genesis 37 introduces us to one of my favorite biblical characters–Joseph. Much happens in this chapter, but the chapter really centers around two of Joseph’s dreams. Two dreams that end with events that his family clearly interprets as them bowing down to Joseph. Now, it’s not clear from the text if Joseph fully understood what was going on here, but what we know is that God was giving Joseph a vision of what was going to happen in his life. His brothers simply got mad. His father scolded him as well. However, it is interesting in verse 11 where it says that his father kept the saying in his heart. Jacob knew by his own experience that God had given him a vision of his future and that he, too, was proclaimed as a younger brother who would rise above his older brothers. In other words, Jacob knew that quite possibly this was a vision from God. Though Jacob’s brothers and others fought against the vision, ultimately we know that what God had revealed eventually happened.

God’s plans cannot be stopped. Unfortunately, there are many times when we have a dream from God that others don’t support or believe. If God has given you a clear vision for your life, have faith that God will see it come to fruition even if others fight against it. Martin Luther King, Jr. had a vision years ago that there would be a day when in our country people would be judged by the content of their character instead of the color of their skin. It is a dream that many have fought against. Let’s pray that we are seeing a day when this dream comes to be because God has a plan that he is unfolding which includes people of all colors and nations unified and serving him. What dream has God given you? People might fight against it, but if it is a part of God’s plan, God will help it unfold.

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