Genesis 39

Joseph’s life was filled with some of the lowest lows and the highest highs. By the time we find Joseph in Genesis 39, he’s been sold to an Egyptian man named Potiphar, but from the low of being sold by his brothers, we’re told that Joseph rose to the highest place in Potiphar’s household. The Lord’s favor was upon Joseph and everything he touched. Potiphar withheld nothing from Joseph’s charge.

Many would have looked upon Joseph’s rise with admiration, and as we learn, Potiphar’s wife was not excluded from those admirers. She saw Joseph’s handsome appearance and issued an invitation, “Lie with me.” It’s a temptation that has drawn many powerful men and women into sin, but Joseph’s response is different. He refused the advances of Potiphar’s wife, recognizing the reality that we see over and over again in Genesis 39–the Lord was with Joseph.

The Lord was with Joseph at the point of his highest highs and at his lowest lows. Joseph had seen the Lord’s steadfast love and faithfulness, and so, he faced the advances of Potiphar’s wife with integrity. How? God’s grace fueled Joseph’s desire to walk with Him. God’s faithfulness fueled Joseph’s integrity. When temptation comes our way, whether in our highest moments or in our lowest moments, Joseph shows us how to respond–by remembering and trusting that God is with us and that He is always better than what sin is offering.

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