Genesis 49:28-50:26

The selected reading for today brings us to the end of Genesis. My Bible, which is the English Standard Version, has this text separated into three sections: Jacob’s Death and Burial, God’s Good Purposes, and The Death of Joseph. While it was tempting to skim through and call it a day based on the titles, I actually ended up having to read through these verses three times before I could come up with anything to write about in this devotional.

A point that was made clear for me this week is that sometimes it is necessary to read, re-read (maybe three or four times), and meditate on the importance of God’s word. It is a modern tendency to jump to conclusions and applications. This is an important part of spiritual growth, but should not take precedence over reading and comprehending the Scripture. There is a lot in there; don’t be afraid to slow down and take it in.

Through this passage we see great examples of staying the course. Even up until Jacob’s last breath he is actively fulfilling his part in God’s plan, blessing his sons and even detailing his own burial. After Jacob’s death, Joseph’s brothers fear that he will repay their evil acts against him. Joseph’s reply shows that he is focused on God’s bigger picture as well. Like Jacob, we see that Joseph is fully centered on God even through the end of his life. Both seem to know that the importance of their actions stems from the ultimate supremacy of God’s plan.

As we finish reading through Genesis as part of Valley Creek’s Unbroken series, I hope you find yourself beginning to see that it’s all connected. Even today we are living out what God set in motion back in Genesis 1:1. Let’s keep reading, keep seeking understanding, and keep our eyes on God and His bigger picture.

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