Exodus 3

In America, we have always prided ourselves in the ability to be self-sufficient. If people fall down we like to speak about them pulling themselves up by their boot straps. Or maybe we like to talk about people being self-made millionaires (I surely don’t fit that category). If nothing else, we like to pride ourselves on our achievements. Granted there is much good to talk about when we talk about one working hard and succeeding in what they do. There is though one major downfall in our view of self-sufficiency –a person can get the feeling that he or she is independent of God or at least act independently of God. God never created us to be independent of Him. He wants to be in relationship with us, even working with us to accomplish great things. Many believers have even made the mistake of crediting things to people and forgetting about God’s hand. Moses is an example. Moses rightfully gets much praise for what he did in delivering the people of Israel from Egypt. However, we must be careful to never separate what Moses did from God actually did. In Exodus chapter 3, God calls Moses to go to Egypt knowing that the success would always be in God’s presence and his power. It was never Moses’ credentials that mattered. It was God’s credentials as the great “I AM” who delivered the children of Israel. We must never forget that God is our source of power and strength. In fact, it should be God who first directs us to what he wants us to do just as he did with Moses. When you are carrying out a plan that God has given you, success is a guarantee because God gives his presence and power to accomplish his mission. Therefore, let’s never live life independent of God. Let’s look to God, hear his call, and move forward with his strength.

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