Exodus 12

I find historical studies fascinating and beautiful to explore. Examining the way events of the past have unfolded and how those events subsequently shaped the present reality is something that brings me joy. Whether it’s looking back on my own personal history, the history of the church, or the history of our nation, there are always lessons to be gleaned. This passage of Scripture is one of those texts that showcase God’s power and sovereignty. It paints a beautiful picture of God’s redemptive plan for a people plagued with a sin problem that they are powerless to solve. It speaks toward a spotless Lamb who is provided as the ultimate sacrifice. Though there were many pages of history that seemed at the time to be contradictory to God’s plan, His plan has remained unbroken.

God called the Israelites who were brought out of Egypt to observe the Passover Feast with the generations to come as they remembered how God provided them with protection from the tenth plague and rescued them from slavery. Though God’s people showed a penchant for straying from His ways and faced difficulty over the course of their history, they were to continue remembering and celebrating what God had done. God was faithful to His people even when they weren’t faithful in following His guidance. God was faithful even when events were unfolding in ways that showed the sinful nature of His people. God had a plan for His people so long ago and His plan remains today.

We may not be living in a hostile country as slaves to the government or required to make a hasty escape across the wilderness. We may not be called to live through plagues or find sacrificial lambs. However, we do live in a world broken by sin and in need of redemption. Thankfully God’s plan is intact. He has graciously provided Jesus as the sacrificial lamb to pay the penalty for our sin. If we have chosen to follow Him, He has redeemed us and adopted us into His family. He has blessed us and called us His own, that we may go out and make disciples and glorify His name. Let’s look back on the pages of history not with calloused hearts, but with eyes that see God’s handiwork. Let’s look around and rejoice in the redemption that we see. And finally, let’s look ahead. Look ahead and know that God’s plan is still unbroken, Jesus will be returning, and we are called to proclaim His greatness.

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