Exodus 25-26

I love a good plan. I love the details. I love the logistical challenges and puzzles that must be solved. When I am excited about something, I can pour huge amounts of time and energy into developing a plan to make it happen. For me, the detail of the plan usually corresponds to the priority of what I’m planning. The more important something is to me and the more passionate I am about it, then the more detailed the plan will be.

What we have seen clearly from creation on is God’s persistent desire to dwell with His people. It is a high priority, and the level of detail in His instructions for the tabernacle reflect that. God describes a tabernacle that would point to His holy presence in the midst of His people. The plan reflects the priority, and if that is true, then we can be encouraged as we read every intricate detail of God’s plan to dwell with the people He loves. We can also be encouraged because we know how far God’s plan to dwell with His people would go. The Son of God would become flesh and dwell among us so that He could rescue us from sin to dwell with Him for all of eternity. So, as you read Exodus 25-26, give thanks for the detail of God’s plans and for His presence in your life.

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