Judges 4-5

Throughout the Bible we see many accounts of God using unexpected people for His purposes and glory. This passage of Scripture is no different. When the prophetess Deborah speaks to Barak about God calling him to go to battle against the Canaanites in the north, he responds with fear. She reminds Him that God is with him and will go before him, but Barak says he will not go out unless Deborah accompanies him on the mission. She agrees to go but speaks some hard truths: “I will surely go with you. Nevertheless, the road on which you are going will not lead to your glory, for the Lord will sell Sisera into the hand of a woman.” (Judges 4:9) God’s will would be accomplished but Barak would be missing out on a blessing as He would be using someone else to subdue the opposing commander, Sisera.

The story continues as Barak and Deborah go out with the army, Sisera’s men were killed, and Sisera ran for his life. The woman named Jael, who was not even an Israelite, bravely offered to help Sisera hide in her tent where she then proceeded to kill him and call for Barak. The Israelites were given the victory and the threat of the opposition was put to rest with Sisera’s death. God was glorified and His purposes fulfilled, but as Deborah had said, Barak was not the one used to take down the mighty warrior. God chose to use a willing and unexpected leader to bring about this victory for His people. I pray that we will be open to serve when God calls. Whether He has called us to do something we deem simple and small or something that strikes fear in our hearts, let’s be ready to serve knowing that He is with us.

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