Judges 13-14

The Bible is full of accounts providing a look into God’s unfailing mercy and unbroken plan. Accounts of how He chooses to use sinful and broken people for His glory. The account of Samson in this passage of Scripture is special in that Samson’s life mirrors that of Israel. God had consecrated Samson and empowered him with great strength and success against his enemies. Israel was also set aside by God and blessed with His favor. When the surrounding nations looked on both Samson and Israel at different times, they could visibly see the differences that marked them as God’s people. These are all wonderful things to have in common but that’s not all that Samson’s life mirrored. His life mirrored the Israelites continual disobedience to God’s law. He repeatedly broke his covenants and was filled with pride. We’ve seen these same patterns in the life of the Israelites as they drifted farther and farther from the way God had called them to live. Sometimes as we read the account of Samson it’s hard to understand why God would put up with His sinful ways and continue to use him. However, that is exactly where our hope lies.

Just as God showed His unfailing mercy to Samson, He continually showed that same mercy to the Israelites as they drifted. That’s not to say they didn’t have consequences or judgements from God, but He still showed his love and mercy as He used them to accomplish His unbroken plan. The good news is that we also have been shown that same grace and mercy. Even in our lowest moment, if we have trusted Jesus as our Redeemer and Savior, we are recipients of God’s abundant grace and mercy. He desires to use us for His glory. Wherever we are in our walk with Him, let’s be humbled and remember all that God has provided. Let’s look for ways to bring Him glory and honor.

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