1 Kings 8

As the end of the year is approaching, it seems my life is quickly becoming busy. I know during this time I tend to let the insignificant things become my focus and I become overwhelmed and stressed out. If I would stop myself and refocus my life on God and how great He is, I know things would not overwhelm me. How often do you stop and ponder the greatness of God? In 1 Kings 8, Solomon and the people of Israel are dedicating the temple, which is where God’s presence was supposed to reside on earth. As Solomon started to pray during the the dedication, he had what I like to call the Aha moment. He realized there is no way God’s presence could be contained in this insignificant, man-made temple. Now we know compared to worldly standards, the temple was the grandest structure around. He realized all that time, materials, and energy spent building this temple could never compare to the greatness of God. Solomon shifted his focus and the nation of Israel from the things the world and put their focus on God and His greatness. From time to time, we need to stop and take stock of our own lives. The focus of our lives will determine if we are looking to the insignificant things of the world or the grand things of God. If we will stop, slow down, and focus on God then everything in our lives will fall into proper order.

What are you needing to do so that life will not be so busy or chaotic? Are there things, people, or situations that you need to move down your priority list so that you can focus on God and His greatness?

As big as our God is, today he chooses to make a home in the hearts of believers. We need to move the insignificant out of the way so that He can sit on the throne of our hearts.

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