1 Kings 17

Something that most Christians struggle with is believing that they truly have something to offer God. At least believing they have enough to offer something of significance to God. We either see ourselves as not smart enough, not talented enough, or not having enough resources. Because people doubt what they have to offer God, many fail to offer anything to God. What is interesting in the Scripture is that all God asks us to offer him is whatever we have. There is no description of what is an acceptable offering to God other than your life. When we look at the events in 1 Kings 17, when Elijah asked the widow to give him food to eat, as God had instructed, her first response was “I don’t have anything baked” and then went on to express that what she did have was insufficient. What is interesting is when she obeyed Elijah (really when she obeyed God) and offered what she had, God multiplied her offering many times over and the need was met far beyond her expectation. Not only was the need met, her life became a part of God’s grand plan even to the point that her witness continues to this day.

As I read this event in 1 Kings, I cannot help but think about the events in John 6. As the crowd who had gathered to hear Jesus speak became hungry, there was the need to feed them. However, the need was great and the only food available was in the hands of a young boy who had five barley loaves and two fishes. However, as that boy offered his food to the Lord, Jesus multiplied it and fed a crowd that scholars estimate to be well over 10,000. There were 5,000 men, not counting the women and children. The issue was not the amount offered, but that it was offered. When we offer our little to God, he can do much. Never look at what you have and say “I don’t have enough for God to use.” Simply offer what you have and watch how much God can do with what you give. It will be infinitely more than what you can imagine.

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