Daniel 6

Daniel and the Lions’ Den is one of the most well-known bible stories, hands down. Even if you haven’t taken a deep dive into the text of Daniel 6, you have most likely heard the story before. Because he continued to pray openly to God after the ordinance by King Darius, Daniel was thrown into a den of lions. However, Daniel was not harmed by the lions because God sent His angel to shut the lions’ mouths. After he saw this, Darius sent out a decree to all nations that the God of Daniel was the real deal. End of story, case closed, on to the next chapter?

It is easy to breeze past the stories we learned in Sunday school. Because they are so familiar, we sometimes overlook passages like Daniel 6. I encourage you to take another read through this chapter; there’s a little more to the story than what I included in my short summary. Daniel and the Lions’ Den is a great story, but it’s also truly incredible to think about that fact that this display of God’s power actually happened. The God that saved Daniel from death in the lions’ den is the same God that saved us from the death we deserve for our sin.

What are you overlooking? Have parts of God’s word started to seem like old news for you? Let’s take time today to reflect and pray on that.

Our sermon last Sunday was on Daniel 6 and focused on how God works through opposition. Watch it again at vcbc.org.

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