Matthew 2

When I was younger, my family, mom, stepdad, and three younger siblings, went on vacation to the beach. Now, we decided to drive from Kentucky to Florida. That was a long trip. It seemed to me that the trip was never going to end, but when we finally arrived and I saw the white sand of the Gulf Coast beaches, the excitement overwhelmed me. The Wise Men saw the star that arose in the sky when Jesus was born and started on their journey to worship him. The time from seeing the star to seeing Jesus must have stirred up great anticipation and excitement in them because they finally arrived and Matthew said,

“When they saw the star, they rejoiced exceedingly with great joy.”

Matthew 2:10

The joy and excitement that the Wise Men felt are rarely seen in our churches today as you look around at God’s people. I know I have to remind myself that it is a privilege to be able to come and worship the King of Kings. Our attitudes and actions as we gather each week for corporate worship should reflect this. We need to find that joy and excitement every time we come together because Christ is there waiting on us to worship him. What attitudes are you and I going to have to change so that we experience the same joy as the Wise Men when they came to worship Jesus?

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