Matthew 6:19-34

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

Matthew 6:21

Where is your treasure? For a decade, treasure hunters searched the Rockies for a treasure hidden there by art collector Forrest Fenn. Thousands devoted their lives to the search for the treasure valued at over $1 million–some enduring injury and a few losing their lives. Jesus told us that what we treasure reveals our hearts. What we pursue with our lives shows where our hope is set. When Forrest Fenn hid his treasure during the aftermath of the financial crisis of the late 2000’s, he did it to offer people a sense of hope in a dark time. The promise–or even the slimmest probability–of wealth gave treasure hunters a sense of hope and purpose in life, driving them out into the same vast nature where Jesus takes His hearers next.

Where is your treasure? Is it in the money you can accumulate or the things you possess? Jesus warns us against placing the hope of our hearts in things that can be destroyed or stolen, calling us instead to place our hope in things that cannot be taken from us. Jesus calls us to treasure God instead of our money, telling us that is the path out of hopelessness and anxiety. “Look at the birds,” Jesus directs us. They don’t plant or harvest or store, but God provides for them. “Consider the lilies,” Jesus says. They don’t work, but God clothes them with glory. If He cares for the birds and lilies, then is He not aware of your needs and able to meet them all?

Where is your treasure? Jesus tells us where to set our hearts. He tells us where we’ll find the hope and peace we seek. We won’t find it searching the Rockies for treasure. To start, someone finally found Forrest Fenn’s treasure last year. We won’t find it by working or worrying ourselves into oblivion either. We’ll find it when we heed Jesus’ words in Matthew 6:33, “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” Today, I pray that the kingdom of God would be more precious to us than anything that can be destroyed or stolen, that we would find inexhaustible peace as we rest in the incomparable riches of our King.

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