Matthew 14:22-36

It’s been a long day at work for Jesus near the Sea of Galilee. He’s been preaching, teaching, healing, redeeming, and restoring. Crowds have pressed in on him and we can almost hear their whispers, “Is this Messiah?”

Perhaps his disciples wondered the same. 

After sending the disciples across the sea ahead of him and dismissing the crowds, Jesus goes to pray by himself. Jesus made time to pray. In fact, Jesus is still praying–and he’s praying for us (Romans 8:26, 34). 

Another storm pops up on the sea of Galilee. Not uncommon. This sea is well known for sudden storms, but it’s so violent, the Disciples fear for their life.  

And then it happens. Jesus walks on water. 

As if the wind and waves weren’t terrifying enough, a ghostly figure is seen on the water–walking toward them. Jesus meets them where they’re at in that moment. He comes to help and comfort. He’s still doing that. 

“Take heart; It is I. Do not be afraid,” Jesus said. He’s still saying this to us. 

There are two good reasons for us to put fear away. One, sometimes the problem may not be as bad as we believe. It’s often amplified by our surroundings or the danger we perceive. Two, the problem may be real, but there is a solution and help right in front of us–Jesus. 

Peter, a fisherman who knew and respected the dangers of waters, is the first to make the bold request of Jesus. The Disciples had seen Jesus do miracles, but to walk on water? For them to walk on water too? This was new territory or uncharted waters. 

He steps over the edge of the boat and walks toward Jesus displaying a big faith. Soon, the wind and waves soon catch his attention. He takes his eyes off of Jesus and Peter begins to sink. 

“Lord save me!” Peter says. And immediately Jesus reached down and pulled him up. He does the same for us. 

What are the wind and waves in our life causing us to fear and worry? Anxiety? Depression? Financial difficulties? Family struggles? Perhaps we’re simply too busy, and it’s the hustle of life pulling our eyes away from Jesus. 

Then Jesus says, “O you of little faith, why did you doubt?”

Peter’s big act of faith was followed with little faith. When our big faith turns into a little faith–Jesus is still there, and he can do a lot with a little faith. 

This Jesus, our Savior, the Messiah, walks on water. He calls us to a big faith, loves us when it’s a little faith, and comes to our side to help and comfort. What a good, good father he is.

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