Matthew 15:21-39

What do you need from Jesus today? The Canaanite woman needed Jesus to free her daughter from the oppression of the demon that afflicted her, so she cried out to him for mercy, persisting in faith. The crowds needed healing for a variety of illnesses and disabilities, so they came to Jesus for healing and witnessed miracle after miracle. But Jesus didn’t stop at meeting the needs the people knew. He saw the crowds, had compassion on them, anticipated their needs for the journey home, and miraculously fed them.

What do you need from Jesus today? You can trust Him with your every need. Go to Him, cry out to Him, persist in your belief that He is able. Whatever you face, whether it is spiritual or physical, you can–as the old hymn says–“take it to the Lord in prayer.” He knows the needs that bring you to Him and the needs that aren’t even on your radar yet.

Whatever we perceive our need to be today, Jesus is ultimately our greatest need–a friend who hears and sees with mercy and compassion. So, whatever our need today, let’s go to Jesus, and like the crowds in Matthew 15, let’s take others with us.

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