Matthew 21:18-46

In this section of Matthew 21, Jesus is setting the religious leaders up again to show their true hearts. The religious leaders are so caught up in trying to catch Jesus in a some hypocrisy, they do not even notice that what he is doing. Jesus tells a parable about two sons who are told to go and work in their father’s field. The sons respond differently, and Jesus asks the religious leaders who did the will of their father. The religious leaders answer correctly, but in doing so have shown themselves as not not following the Father’s will. Jesus points out that the people who the religious leaders have considered not worthy and outcast in society will “go into the kingdom of God before you.” This has happened not because of what the outcast did but because of their belief in Jesus. The question we have to ask ourselves is, are we acting like the religious leaders and missing the Kingdom of God? If so we need to repent and turn back to Jesus.

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