Matthew 25:31-46

Jesus will return. And this time, he returns as King of the world–a King who carries out the final judgment on humanity.

All nations will be gathered before Him (vs 32) and he will separate the sheep or followers from the goats or unbelievers. Those who were followers inherit the kingdom, or Heaven, and those who do not are sent into the “eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels” (vs 41).

There’s a distinction between Sheep and Goats. Sheep will follow the voice of their shepherd. Goats will wander and go their own way. Are we the sheep or the goat? Do we follow the voice of our shepherd, or do we follow our own path?

Jesus isn’t telling a story or one of his famous parables, he’s speaking in terms of what will happen. This is a prophecy and a promise. 

The Jesus Administration is different from the governments and administrations in our world today. He’s not focused on the powerful, the influential or the wealthy. Jesus’ concern is for “the least of these.” And he makes a clear distinction between his followers and those who are not. 

His heart is for people–it’s always been for people. And Jesus followers will serve and care for the least of these. Not because their works get them into heaven, but because their works will naturally flow from their faith (James 2:14-26).

We want to be the sheep, those who care for others, for the least these. We want to have a heart for the people like Jesus does.


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