1 Corinthians 15:12-34

Have you ever been in the middle of dealing with a tough season of life and in a moment of complete frustration and fatigue breathed out the words, “What’s the point?” Sometimes as a whisper of defeat and others as a groan of anger? If we’re honest, most of us have been in this place for one reason or another. We get so overwhelmed with the zoomed in details of our lives that we simply can’t see past them. We feel like we are fighting a losing battle, like we are wounded beyond repair, like there isn’t an ounce of hope left in the world, and we just can’t see the point. We hear the menacing lies of the enemy in our ear telling us that it’s all in vain. We overlook the big picture of truth. The illustrious big picture of God’s great plan for creation, redemption, and restoration.

In this passage, Paul gives a reminder of one of the most fundamental pieces of our faith, Christ’s resurrection. Without this truth, there really is no point. If this key doctrine is not full truth, every aspect of our lives as Christ followers can be set aside as foolish. We may as well give into the lies of the enemy, go on living for ourselves, and seek out whatever the world offers to ease our pain. Because it really all would be pointless. But as Paul says, “But in fact Christ has been raised from the dead,” and so Paul calls the church to action. He’s not simply giving a kindly reminder to make good choices or rejoice in the miracle of the resurrection. But rather he is calling the church to get up, to turn from sin, to defend the faith.

So wherever you are in your walk, if you are steadily climbing the mountain of life in joy or you are feeling stuck as you are camped out in your zoomed in portion of the picture, you have reason to move forward. The resurrection of our Savior and his power over death is the key to God’s greater plan…His plan for your good and His glory. So take heart, embrace the peace and rest that He provides, and then set your sights on His glorious plan! What’s the point? He is risen!

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