Daniel 1

The Scriptural accounts of Daniel are always a source of encouragement. Though many of Daniel’s accounts are far beyond anything we can imagine, we can all identify with the struggles of living through hard things, making difficult choices, and facing obstacles. Looking at this passage in particular…Daniel was a young man, taken from his home and family, and made to go through a pagan king’s training in order to be of service in a foreign land. Immediately he and his friends were bombarded with choices. Would they blend in and just get by? Would they keep their heads down and obey orders even when they didn’t glorify the one true God? Would they make unpopular decisions that might bring unwanted attention, disappointment, and even physical harm? As Daniel and his friends navigated these new waters in captivity they were wise and did their best to listen to the Lord’s leading and live according to His ways.

The choice they made in this passage, to ask for veggies and water in lieu of the king’s food, seemed ridiculous. I can only imagine what the other young men must have thought of their decision to risk judgement and punishment over food…right out of the gate. Even the chief of the eunuchs was taken aback and feared the king’s reaction to this choice. However, Daniel pushed on and was granted his request. The men ate their special diet and God had favor on them. To many, this decision made and still makes no sense, but it reminds us of God’s greatness!

There is no one and nothing greater than God. This choice to follow God’s leading even when it made no sense to those around them, shows just how much trust Daniel and his friends put in their God. They understood that God is in control and has a plan. He works for His glory and our good. Sometimes His plans or the decisions He leads us to make don’t seem to make sense. As we encounter these times in our lives, let’s take comfort knowing that God’s plan is better than ours. Let’s remember Daniel’s faithfulness and be encouraged as we make hard choices to follow Him…because our God is worthy even in our discomfort.

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