John 20

When Kim and I visited the Grand Canyon a few years ago, it was an amazing experience. I had seen many pictures of the Grand Canyon before. I had even heard others talk about it. However, there is just something breathtaking about seeing it for yourself. The moment you stand at the edge peering over there is something that just becomes “real.” Your thoughts about the Grand Canyon are never the same no matter what you had experienced before.

In John 20, we see various people have a moment when Jesus becomes real to them. Before their experiences in John 20 they had spent time with Jesus. They heard Jesus tell them about what was to come. However, before the events of John 20, the fullness of Jesus was unknown to them. But after the resurrection and their experiences with the resurrected Jesus, everything changed. Keep in mind that each person in John 20 had a different experience that opened their eyes. Likewise, people today have different experiences that open their eyes, but there is one key to people knowing the truth of Jesus Christ today. Verse 31 tells us that key…

but these are written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.

John 20:31

God had his word preserved for us so that we too might believe. People encounter God’s word in different ways. Some pick up and read it in a hotel room. Some accept the invitation of a friend to attend church, and they hear God’s word. Some have a friend who takes the time to share with them God’s word. Some pick a Bible up off the shelf they have had for years and finally begin to read. However one finally comes to the place of reading and hearing God’s word, the truth remains that God’s word is meant to help us encounter God and place our faith in Jesus. That truth tells us a couple things. First, if you want to truly know God then you need to know His word. Second, if you want others to believe, you need to share His word. I pray that God’s word would be a priority in your life so that you and many others will believe and find life in Jesus Christ.

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