Deuteronomy 31

When it comes to vacations, there are two types of destinations. There are the one and done destinations, places you visit, experience, and mark off the list. Then there are the places to which you return again and again. Maybe you have family there. Or maybe it’s the location of an important event in your life. Whatever it is, it just feels like you keep coming back to the same place, which is what happens with biblical narrative and the Jordan River.

After 40 years of wandering, Moses had led the people right up to the edge of the promised land, but because he had sinned, God had said to him, “You shall not go over this Jordan.” Instead, it would be the Lord himself who would lead the way, working through Joshua to bring His people across the Jordan River. As Moses prepared to pass the mantle of leadership to Joshua, he returns again and again to the same place–it would be the Lord who would go before the people. It had always been the Lord who had gone before the people.

So, Moses began to write. First, he wrote down the words of God’s law so that the generations to come could learn to fear the Lord in the land God was giving them. Then, he wrote a song and taught it to the people so that they would always remember what God had done for them. In fact, we’re told that this law and this song would stand as witnesses against God’s people. When they were stubborn and rebellious, bringing disaster upon themselves, this law and this song would echo, calling them back again and again to the place they needed to be–walking with the God who never leaves His people. What Bible verses or songs has God used in your life to call you back to Himself? Who can you share them with today that they can remember that God never leaves or forsakes His people?

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