Luke 24

Life is often compared to a journey. It’s full of ups, downs, joys, pains, surprises and no doubt has its share of twists and turns. The faith life is no different–it’s a journey. The ultimate journey. 

In Luke 24 we read where Jesus has risen. Those following Jesus believed he was indeed God, the Messiah, who would save them from Rome, save them and set them free. They weren’t expecting their savior to die, and they definitely weren’t expecting him to rise again. But he did. And the world would never be the same.

Luke describes people at a point on their faith journey who are confused, bewildered, and dismayed. From the women who find an empty tomb, to the disciples who can’t believe the tomb could be empty, and to followers on a road unsure of what to make of this possible resurrection. And then we see Jesus joining them on this journey. 

Jesus literally walks with two followers and explains the scriptures to them. Not long after, he appears to the disciples as proof of his resurrection and calming their doubts and fears. 

Jesus will join us on our journey too. Wherever we find ourselves–excited about good news, confused, doubting, scared–he will meet us there, and walk with us. He will help us understand the scriptures, and show us who he is. 

Who better else to journey through this wild life with than Jesus? It’s truly the ultimate adventure.


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