Isaiah 2

Stop in trusting in man,
who has but a breath in his nostrils.
Of what account is he?

Isaiah 2:22, NIV

I love people. They fascinate me. I always try to pick out (and sometimes point out) the unique qualities in those around me. Sometimes I even get caught up in pointing out the things about myself that I find uniquely interesting. As a church worker, I have the great privilege of working with and attending church with an above-average concentration of good people. I turn to my brothers and sisters at Valley Creek for fellowship and support. I turn to the gifted pastors and other equally-gifted staff members of the church for assistance with tasks and even for advice from time to time. At home, I am blessed to have an amazing wife who puts up with me during every minute that I don’t spend at the church. I am surrounded by great people. But they’re just people.

In Isaiah 2, we see some words about the last days. At risk of oversimplifying the chapter, the main point is that God will be exalted above all else. Anything and everything that we have held higher, including ourselves, will be so completely overpowered by His glory that they will practically disappear. But we don’t have to wait. We can put Him above all else right now.

What are your idols? Possessions? People? Yourself? Things are just things. People are just people, even if they’re great people. God is GOD. A day is coming on which he will take his rightful place above everything else – let’s get a head start and put Him there in our own lives.

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