Isaiah 65:17-25

“For behold, I create new heavens and a new earth, and the former things shall not be remembered or come into mind.”

Isaiah 65:17

There is some debate about the best way to understand Isaiah’s words about new heavens and a new earth. Some read Isaiah’s words as a clear reference to eternity future, to the new heaven and new earth described in Revelation 21, while others, due to references to death and sinners in verse 20, see it as a description of Jerusalem restored in the period beyond the exile, albeit a more figurative and idealized picture of that period. Since people have been debating that point for years, I doubt we’re going to settle it in this devotional, so instead, I’d like to focus our attention on what is clear in Isaiah 65–namely that God promises unrivaled and uninterrupted joy to those who trust in Him.

God did not create the world or His people for the ultimate end of weeping and distress but for joy and gladness, and where vanity and calamity mark the days in which we live, God sees a future marked by peace and prosperity in His presence. Believing those truths about God and His purposes for His people are the path to joy that lasts forever, joy that can start today. Will you be glad and rejoice forever in the promises of God?

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