1 Peter 3:8-22

1 Peter 3:8-22

Suffering is not something most of us would prefer to do if given the choice. But sometimes, it’s necessary. Our suffering can be physical, but all mental. And in the process of suffering, we are called to pursue peace at all cost.

1 Peter 3:8-22 instructs us not to trade evil for evil, or insult for insult, and guides us to pursue peace. Pursing peace, especially in times of suffering, goes against our nature. We want to defend ourselves. We want to hold on to our right to be right.

If we are verbally attacked by someone, we want to verbally fight back. But I would like to issue a challenge. Read 1 Peter 3: 8-22 and apply its teaching to your life. 

Understand what it means to pursue peace, even if it means your pride has to take a back seat for the sake of resolution. 

Jesus calls us to love our neighbors and a great place to start is to love radically, even when someone has hurt you. Please understand me—what I’m asking isn’t easy. I know this firsthand. But we are to pursue peace. In fact, the very word “Pursue” implies that it will take effort on our part to work toward the end goal. Still, I challenge you to start. And when you do, go with the understanding that Jesus suffered for us. We can do all things, even pursue peace in hard times, because Jesus lives in us.


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