Psalm 145

Who is the greatest (insert the sport of your choice) player to ever play the game?

Ask that question in the right room and you’ll have no shortage of conversation—or, in some cases, arguments.

Why? Because we are drawn toward greatness. Our hearts are hardwired for awe—we want to see and hear and know and experience that which is awesome, transcendent, or in a word, great. That’s why we argue about who’s the greatest basketball player of all time (it’s Michael Jordan). That’s why we debate the greatest movie of all time (it’s Forrest Gump).

And have you ever noticed that, because the things we regard as the “greatest of all time” (or “GOAT”, as the young folk say these days) always seem to be from our past, we are almost inherently compelled to promote them to the next generation?

In short, that’s what’s happening in Psalm 145. The psalmist erupts in praise of God, who is “greatly to be praised” and whose “greatness is unsearchable” (v. 3). And because of God’s greatness the psalmist is then compelled to tell of his “awesome deeds” and “declare [his] greatness” (v. 6) to the next generation (v. 4, 11-12)

But the good news for us today is that God’s greatness is not just a thing of the past, something to be reflected on when we are feeling particularly nostalgic. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. His “kingdom is an everlasting kingdom” that “endures through all generations” (v. 13), and because of that, he “is near to all who call on him” (v. 18).

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