Genesis 16-17

Vacations are the best. But sometimes the journey there…isn’t the best. Especially traveling with young kids. Packed in like sardines. And with all your luggage. And the waiting. And waiting.


“Are we there yet?” The kids ask from the backseat and toss a Cheeto at their sibling. Screaming ensues.


“How much longer?” Another child asks. A second Cheeto launches, misses its sibling-target and hits you, the driver—the parent. The cool, calm, collected parent loving every moment of the journey. Well, maybe not every moment. 


But we travel on. Why? Because it’s worth it. We know that if we are patient, it will pay off. However, patience is a virtue most children don’t have—and most children of God lack too.


When God tells Abraham and Sara that they will have a child and descendants too numerous to count, they believe God. They wait. And wait. And wait some more. We can almost hear their cries, “How much longer?” 


Eventually, they try to make God’s promise come about. Sara offers her servant, Hagar, to Abraham as a wife, and he has a child with Hagar. But this wasn’t what God had in mind. Sara eventually has a son, Isaac, and they do become the parents of a great nation. Their legacy lives on, and we, as children of God, a part of their family.


It’s hard to hear this in a microwave, ‘I want it now’ kind of society, but God will accomplish His plan and purpose on His own time and in His own way. It’s wise to wait on God and trust His timing, no matter how long the wait. 


“Are we there yet?”


No. But when we get there, it will be worth it.


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