Genesis 25:19-26:35

Genesis chapters 25 and 26 are descriptive in nature, meaning these verses describe what’s going on without providing instruction for application. When we read through these verses we see the story of Jacob, Esau, and Isaac’s encounter with Abimelek, King of the Philistines. It would be simple for me to copy the text and pass it along leaving it as is, but I would like to provide some form of application that we can derive from these two chapters. 

A great place to start is simply knowing that Abraham’s family has a history of deceit, to include Abraham himself. In fact, Genesis chapter 12 clues us in on Abraham’s lie when he comes in to Egypt with Sarah. Knowing she was beautiful, he feared for his life so he requested she be part of his deceit by telling Pharaoh and his officials that she was his sister. This is the same lie that Abraham’s son Issac told Abimelek as he also feared for his life in Gerar. 

Riddled throughout their family history we not only see the deceit, but we see quarrels, death threats, and grudges. This doesn’t sound like what we want to picture when we think of a Biblical family. Or is it? Maybe knowing their imperfections help us see that even though they are blemished, they are working to follow God. 

You see, God works through broken people. In fact, the Messiah came from the imperfect line of Abraham. We are never going to be people who love and follow God perfectly, but we have a perfect God who will work through the brokenness to bring about His will. 

Be encouraged. Family life is a struggle, but if God can bless their mess, he can bless ours. 

Keep following God no matter how imperfect you may be. 


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