Genesis 37

Joseph and his coat of many colors is a story that takes many of us back to Vacation Bible School when we were much younger. Perhaps it brings back memories of coloring a picture of the coat during Sunday School.  

 I remember hearing the story many times through the years, but until I took a dive into the scripture, I never saw anything other than Joseph, his colorful coat, and how his brothers sold him into slavery. 

 Joseph was around seventeen years old when his story in Genesis takes place. He was the youngest, and his father, Jacob, made it clear that Joseph was loved more than all his brothers. In fact, Jacob loved him so much more that he gifted Joseph a multi-color tunic made from the finest material.

 Joseph told his brothers about a dream he had and explained that eventually they would bow to him. Of course, Joseph’s brothers despised him. They hated him so much, they conspired to kill him. Rather than kill, they ended up stripping him of his tunic, beat him up and threw him into a pit. Soon after, they sold him into slavery. To cover their evil deeds, the sons went back to their father with Joseph’s tunic covered in goat’s blood to deceptively inform him that his favorite son had been killed. Jacob was distraught.

 This is a quick over, but take some time to read through chapter 37 in its entirety. Here are a few truths that we can draw from this chapter if we look deeper into it.

 First. Our lives are not about us fulfilling a dream. Rather, it’s about God fulfilling His plan. In Joseph’s case, his brothers tried to thwart God’s plan revealed to Joseph through a dream. Despite their attempts, God’s plan prevailed.

 Second. God’s plan never fails. Just as we saw last week, God’s plan isn’t hindered by imperfect people. 

 Third. Hatred, anger, and jealousy start in the heart. 

 I want to challenge us today to let God search us, to search our hearts and make sure our hearts are in the right place so that we see things through His eyes.  


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