Exodus 12

As I read Old Testament texts, I tend to have a running graphic in my mind. Sort of like a mind map with arrows and boxes connecting certain pieces of dialogue, events, or symbols with their New Testament mirrors. It fascinates me to see God’s plan unfolding and the ways in which he provides a picture of atonement, justice, and redemption right from the beginning. It reminds me that our God is unwavering. His attributes don’t change with the seasons. He is not moody. He isn’t swayed by circumstances. He is steady, always holding true to his warnings and promises alike. This particular look into the history of God’s people is incredibly rich as it describes the great deliverance of the Israelites from Egyptian bondage all while pointing us toward the greatest deliverance…our own deliverance from sin.

With this tenth plague, God made good on His warning to the Egyptians and provided a path of redemption for His people if only they would follow in obedience. The sacrificial animal that was needed to consecrate the Israelites’ homes would have a direct correlation with the Sacrificial Lamb that paid the price for our sins. The extent of this historical event can only be credited to the great power of our God, and the Israelites were called to commemorate it year after year and pass it down to all the generations that would follow. They were to worship and glorify God for His mercy as he passed over their homes in the midst of extraordinary destruction.

I can’t help but think of the power of the Passover Feast and the meaning it held for the Israelites–the gratitude and understanding it brought for God’s love and justice. He called them to remember and rehearse these things, so that they would be grounded in their faith and knowledge of who God is. How much more should we be rehearsing the gospel? In contrast, it’s more than a yearly festival, but rather, something to be acknowledged daily. Leading us to glorify our Father who provided an escape from our sins. To a grounding in our faith that will lead us to seek Him in times of trial. To an unquenchable need to share this great work with those around us.

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