Exodus 26-27

At first glance these two chapters read like a well written instruction manual. When passages like these pop up in a reading plan it can be tempting to skim over them quickly without much thought. However, these types of writings are included in God’s Word for a reason. It’s often a prime opportunity to pause and dig deeper as opposed to hurrying past looking for the next exciting account.

The tabernacle was the temporary dwelling place of God. We know that spiritually God is omnipresent, but this was a relational dwelling. When the people participated in the building of the structure, its moving, and the sacrifices at its altars, they remembered that the one true God desired to dwell with them. This was where they made atonement for their sins, where the priests communed with God, where they worshiped. Their relationship with the Creator King was played out in and around the tabernacle.

How comforting is it to realize that the God who created everything out of nothing has a plan and desire to dwell with us? We no longer need a physical tabernacle because He provided a way for our redemption and the Spirit dwells with us. The question is, do we desire to dwell with Him? Do we daily meditate on His goodness, spending time in His Word? Do we seek to be more like Him in word, thought, and deed? Is He a priority in our busy lives?

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